Founding Principles

This isn't your ordinary supper club, nor is it a dinner version of WAW! There are rules...

The Food:

• Make your dish fabulous - we're talking high-end, gourmet, go all out, incredible, best thing I ever ate, yumminess.
Everything must be homemade from scratch - as much as we love them, no frozen Trader Joe foods:)
• We believe in Slow Food - no processed foods, even ingredients (i.e. cream of mushroom soup=bad).
• The food should be in season - what is better than food picked at its peak and cooked to perfection?
• The food should be local - within 100 mile radius is a general rule. Out of your own garden is awesome!
• The food should be organic - just say no to chemicals!
• If you have an allergy please let us know as soon as you are selected.
• We will try to accommodate an allergy, however, barring any allergies: you get what you get and you don't throw a fit (your likes and dislikes won't be catered to - Jim chocolate will be served, deal with it).
• Remember - it's a LOT of food (six courses), please plan your portions accordingly.

The Wine:

• No Two-Buck Chuck! Think of this as a big night out... $20 or more for a bottle of wine is a good rule of thumb, you aren't paying the restaurant mark-up.
• You must pair your wine with your dish.
• We will have one wine per course.
• As there are six of us one bottle per course should do.

The Logistics:

• The Copper Pot Club of Cranberry(CPCC) will meet every 4-6 weeks.
• The CPCC is comprised of two friends/neighbors who live on Cranberry and for each dinner a "Wild Card" Couple (WCC).
• The Wild Card Couples name will be drawn randomly from a hat.
• If you are interested in getting in on the action, let us know and we will put your name in the hat!
• We will do our best to give at least 3 weeks notice to the WCC and coordinate menus.
• Once you have been chosen we will not add your name back into the rotation until all the names have been drawn.
• If you are chosen, but can't make it we will throw your name back into the rotation.
• The Cranberry Couples will trade off hosting responsibilities.
• The meal will consist of an amuse bouche, two starters, the main course, dessert and cheese plate.
• The Host is in charge of the amuse bouche and main meal.
• The Cranberry Couple not hosting will decide if they want starters or dessert & cheese. The WCC will be responsible for the remaining dish.
• Children are not welcome - us grownups have to have some time to ourselves:)
• There will be a child care option if you would like to join us in sharing the cost of a babysitter. The children will be at the home of the Cranberry Couple not hosting.
• Most importantly - wear your eatin' pants! It's a lot of incredible, delicious, amazing food and we want you to be comfortable. Invest in some nice pants or skirts with elastic waistbands, it will be worth it!

Any questions? Contact us!
Need some ideas? Check out the all the resources provided in the section on your right!
Want to join us? Let us know!