Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wine + Food + Good Company + Rain = Great Night Out!

It might have rained little, OK- A LOT! But that didn't stop the 9th Annual Clyde's Farm Dinner in Ashburn, VA.
We have gone the last three years and it never disappoints.  Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm opens the barn door and garden gate to welcome Slow Food members and friends to a tour of their raised-bed garden—where all their veggies grow—and a five-course farm dinner.   The food and wine are both locally source and always delicious.  

Cocktail Time - this year's was a refreshing Peach & Blackberry Sangria. 

We each took a drink and headed on over to the garden.  

Did you get any ideas for your own garden?  We did!

Before sitting there were pass hors d'oeuvres of Corn Pudding Tarts and Egg Salad Crostini Topped with Crab.

The first course was a plate of freshly picked Willow Creek Farm veggies simply prepared.  Some were roasted, some sauteed, or steamed.  It depended on what brought out the best in the individual veggie.  Simple, but satisfying.     

And the the rains came... did I mention we were eating outside?

Knowing it was supposed to rain and we would be outside, we scoped out a table that looked like it would stay dry and we picked correctly!  

We should stop here to praise the wait staff - real superstars!  The rain never slowed them down, they rushed around make sure people were out the weather, moving tables and handing out umbrellas.  Those tables that were wet, they dried and reset with great speed and those guests who wanted to eat inside they settled them with alacrity as well.  Running in and out of the rain serving can't be an easy job, but they were great!

After the rain delay the second course came out - Chesapeake Bay Soft-Shell Clams with herb and Cheese Ravioli and Blue Ridge Dairy Butter.  There's no picture to share as I was too excited to dig in and forgot all about the camera... just trust me it was good!

Next was the most worrisome and surprising part of the meal:  Roast Boarder Spring Farm Lamb.  A trio of lamb (leg, rack, and house-made sausage) with a side of Swiss chard.

I have to be honest and say this was the part of the meal I was least looking forward to, I'm not a huge fan of lamb.   How wrong was I!?!  The lamb was incredible - moist and tasty.  The photo is not so pretty as I was so taken with the food I forgot about the camera again.   

To finish up the evening we were served Roasted Peach Semifreddo with Willow Creek Farm honey popcorn.  Refreshing and light, a great way to end a slightly damp but wonderful evening. 

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